Supercharger Type: Centrifugal

Using power generated from the engine a centrifugal compressor pulls air into the unit via a high speed impeller. The air enters the supercharger at a high speed but with low pressure. The air travels through a diffuser which converts the airflow to low speed but high pressure. The diffused air is pushed into the engine which increases airflow and thus additional oxygen which allows the engine to burn more fuel and increase combustion. The supercharger is named from this processes which is leveraging centrifugal force.

ATI ProCharger Cutaway
Cutaway of an ATI ProCharger Centrifugal Supercharger

Displacement Type: Dynamic Displacement
Compression Type: Internal Compression
Year Designed: 1899
Designed By: Unspecified


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    V-1 H/D Si

    The Vortech V-1 H/D Si utilizes the heavy duty gearcase with options for straight and curved discharge, clockwise and counterclockwise rotations with satin and polished finishes. The V-1 has straight cut gears which means they are louder than the helical gears in the V-2 series and requires an external oil supply. The heavy duty (H/D) … Read more


    The C-2 is the largest model ProCharger currently offers specifically marketed as a motorcycle and powersport supercharger. Also usable for street this blower can deliver a max hp of 725 on a 175 to 375 hp engine pushing up to 1,000 CFM and a max boost of 24 PSI.


    The ProCharger C-1R supercharger for street, motorcycle and powersport applications is much like their C-1 model. Sharing the same stats with max hp of 675 on a base motor of 150 to 325 hp, 1,000 CFM maximum flow and an internal step-up of 4.70:1. Where the C-1R differs is with an 8″ volute diameter, max … Read more


    The ProCharger C-1 centrifugal blower was designed for use on street, motorcycle and powersports vehicles. Base motor hp for the C-1 is 150 to 325 with a maximum supercharger hp of 675 and a max flow of 1,000 CFM.


    The ProCharger CS-1 is the mid sized supercharger for street, motorcycle and powersport applications. Mounting on a 150 to 325 hp base motor the max hp of this self contained unit is 550 hp.


    The ProCharger B-1 centrifugal supercharger is a step up in power from the A series but still good for street, motorcycle and powersports applications. Designed for a base engine hp of 60 to 150 the max supercharger hp is 250 on these units.


    The Rotrex C15-20 supercharger is one of three models in the C15 line. The power range of the C15-20 is between 68 to 163hp and is best suited for engines up to 1.3L. The C15-16 ranges from 82 to 170hp and is best suited for engines up to 1.4L whereas the C15-60 ranges from 122 … Read more


    The Rotrex C15-16 supercharger, like it’s smaller siblings in the C8 Line, is a centrifugal compressor that’s designed to be extremely compact for small engine applications or mounting in places with limited space. The C15-16’s power range is between 82 to 170hp and is best suited for engines up to 1.4L.


    The C8-8 Rotrex Supercharger, like the C8-6, are currently the most compact centrifugal compressors on the market. The C8-8’s output is between 41 to 75hp. Applications include downsized engines, powersports, motorcycles and other equipment or vehicles with small engines. Their C series includes other models for larger applications.


    The C8-6 Rotrex Supercharger is currently the smallest (most compact) centrifugal supercharger available. The C8-6’s power range is from 27 to 55 hp and is ideal for small engines including motorcycle and motorsports applications.


    Powerdyne’s BD-11A was marketed as having their “Internal SilentDrive Belt Drive System”. They did end up being quiet but the stock belt system, and bearings, were weak points specially when over spinning them. BD-11A was bult to be more durable than the BD-10 and BD-11 models with an upgrade in quality of the belt and … Read more



    The ProCharger A-1R centrifugal blower for automotive street, motorcycle and powersports (ATV, quad, snowmobile, etc) applications. This unit is ProCharger’s second smallest supercharger designed for an engine with a base hp range of 50 to 95 hp and a maximum supercharged hp of 150.


    The Novi-1200 is available with a straight or curved discharge.

    V-1 H/D SCi

    The Vortech V-1 H/D (heavy duty) SCi race ready superchargers are available with a curved or straight discharge. Developed for heavy duty use this line of blowers should be used with cog belt drives and they do not come with a warranty. The V-1 series are designed with straight cut gears which are noticeably louder … Read more


    The ProCharger A-1P centrifugal blower for automotive street, motorcycle and powersports (ATV, quad, snowmobile, etc) applications. This unit is designed for an engine with a base hp range of 25 to 75 hp.


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