Supercharger: 6V-53 Long Bore

The GMC 6V-53 Long Bore roots type blower was built by GMC for their Detroit 53 series diesel V style engines. The 6V-53 Long Bore has a 13.1 inch rotor length, 2 straight cut lobes and runs at higher RPMs than the 71 series. Due to the lobe design this model runs louder than the similar model in the 71 series. There is a Short Bore version of the 6V-53 with a 10.9 inch rotor.


Company: GMC
Type: Roots
In GMC Series: 53
Usage: Street
Availability: Discontinued
Drive Type: Belt
Displacement: 209 c.i.d. / rev. Approx.
Max Continuous Speed (RPM): ~2,500 - 2,800 (unverified)
Self Contained: No
Rotor Length: 13.1 inches
Center Case Height: 5.75 inches


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