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Legal Name: Camden Superchargers
Company Active From: 1957 to now (as of July 25, 2017)
Offering Superchargers From: 1957 to now (as of July 25, 2017)
Company Type: Kit Builder

About: Camden Superchargers history dates back to 1957 when John Camden reportedly built the first compact supercharger for the small block Chev. According to Pat Ganahl (A Complete Guide to Street Supercharging, Page 53) somewhere in the 1960’s Camden started offering superchargers under the Penco and Camden name. The Penco or Camden Superchargers were originally based on the GMC 53 Series roots blower with 2 lobe rotors and helical cut gears. The Penco / Camden differed from the GMC by offering a cast aluminum case with the omission of rotor bearings or bushings opting instead for an engine fed oil lubrication system on both ends for the modified gear bearing plates. These blowers were built for a variety of applications on Fords, Chevs and Chryslers. In the 1970’s Camden started producing supercharger kits designed for 4 cylinder engines and eventually moved into kits for import vehicles. In 2000 Camden Superchargers was purchased by David Atkins and Randy Ulsh who moved operations from Austin Texas to Puyallup and then later Eatonville Washington. Their blower kits also moved to rotary engine applications only. When the Penco name was dropped is unknown.


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