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(TM) BLITZ Co., Ltd.

Legal Name: Blitz Co., Ltd.
Company Active From: 1981 to now (as of May 1, 2017)
Company Type: Kit Builder

About: Blitz is a Japanese company founded in 1981 to sell tuning parts. They have a large variety of aftermarket and performance parts including turbocharger and supercharger kits. Company information is hard to come by but it appears their supercharger kits use Ogura centrifugal head units while their turbo kits use the BorgWarner 3K units.


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BLITZ Supercharger Kits and Performance Parts

BLITZ has roots in the 1970’s as a circuit racing team that grew into a high performance tuning shop. The next step for the company was in 1981 when they established BLITZ Co., LTD in Tokyo, Japan. Their focus has been to produce high quality performance products for the aftermarket that can endure the daily … Read more


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