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Legal Name: Latham Manufacturing Co
Company Active From: 1956 to now (as of November 26, 2019)
Offering Superchargers From: 1956 to now (as of November 26, 2019)
Company Type: Manufacturer, Kit Builder, Engineering / Designer

About: Latham Manufacturing Co was founded in West Palm Beach, Florida by Norman Latham in 1956. Latham wanted to deliver a product that would be more efficient than the popular Roots blower. His answer was the Latham Supercharger an Axial Flow type compressor. With around 600 units released the company stopped producing the blowers in 1965. In 1982 Richard Paul purchased the company and registered it in California under the name Latham Supercharger Co. He continued to produce Latham type superchargers and later founded Axialflow Engineering Co. after seeing opportunities for a new, smaller design and market shift.


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