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Legal Name: B&M Racing & Performance Inc.
Company Active From: 1953 to now (as of May 8, 2017)
Offering Superchargers From: ~1984 to ~1999
Company Type: Manufacturer

About: B&M Racing & Performance Products got their start as an automotive repair shop. They were founded in 1953 by Bob Spar and Mort Schuman (B&M) in Van Nuys, California. Their beginning in performance began during off hours when the founders started modifying a GM HydraMatic tranny for racing applications. In 1958 Mort Schuman was bought out by Don Spar (Bob’s brother) and the brothers moved forward with the first racing transmission business. Soon after they had produced the only patented automatic 4 speed racing transmission in history. That transmission was the B&ampM Hydro Stick. It wasn’t until the 80’s that B&M released their superchargers in the form of a 2 lobe Roots style blower. It was designed to be small, affordable and fit under the hood. They moved on to offer several Roots-type small and big blog models for automotive street, strip and marine applications including their MegaBlower 420, 250 Powercharger, 174 Powercharger and the 144 Powercharger. In 1999 B&M’s supercharger division was bought by Holley who had previously purchased Weiand. Subsequently B&M and Weiand blowers became part of the Weiand line.


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