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Neuspeed Superchargers and Performance Parts

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Neuspeed Logo

Neuspeed (™) Logo

Neuspeed provides superchargers and performance parts for Acura, Honda, Volkswagen and Audi. The company started in 1975 by Bill Neumann with his two sons Gary and Aaron. The original company from Burbank California has roots in dyno-tuning and custom engine building.

In 1980 Neuspeed brought out its first Volkswagen project nicknamed “Thunder Bunny”. It was a 1981 VW Rabbit which boasted a 0 to 60 in 7.2 seconds which reportedly was the fastest front wheel drive car in America at the time. Along with the speed boost the Thunder Bunny came with some excellent handling. The Neuspeed Rabbit posted a 64.5 MPH slalom and handled better than almost every vehicle that had been tested by Road and Track and Motor Trend. The Ferrari 512 Boxer and Lamborghini Countach were the only cars to have better ratings.

Throughout the 80’s the Neumanns continued their performance specialization in water cooled Volkswagens which included the Rabbit, Scirocco, Golf, Jetta, Passat, Fox, Cabriolet and Corrado. As the 80’s neared an end and Volkswagen sales were decreasing in the United States Neuspeed decided to expand their focus. With the tuners starting to take root there was an burgeoning market in Honda CRXs and Civics in South California. With excellent foresight Neuspeed expanded to include Honda and Acura to their line.

By 1995 the Acura and Honda part sales were nearing that of the Volkswagens effectively doubling the size of the company. To further their Honda line in 1996 they funded a team for the North American Touring Car Championship (NATCC). The first Neuspeed race car was an Accord. It took them only to mid season to make a difference and to start wracking up victories. The Neuspeed driver, Randy Pobst, won the Drivers Championship and they took home first place in the Manufacturer’s Championship for Honda. The team also won awards for completing every race and for the most laps.

In 2001 the Neuspeed Roots type supercharger kit for the Volkswagen 2.0L 8 valve engines arrived after a year of intense development and testing. This first supercharger received rave reviews for its smooth power delivery and factory like appearance. The kit received full approval from California Air Resource Board (CARB) which made it smog legal in all 50 states.

By 2003 Neuspeed had grown to be the largest supplier of high performance water cooled Volkswagen parts in the United States as well as a leading supplier for Acura and Honda performance parts.

Currently (2017) they are not offering any new Superchargers or Turbos that we know of.

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