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Twin Supercharged Challenger

It takes a bit more than the standard supercharger kits to get a horsepower monster like the RDP Challenger SRT8.This Dodge is pushing out 1000 HP running a one-off custom twin supercharger system.

Picture of RDP's twin Harrop supercharger setup on a Dodge Challenger SRT8

Twin Harrop Supercharger on the 440 Hemi Dodge Challenger SRT8.

Early in 2009 the RDP Challenger took the title of World’s Fastest Late Model Challenger by running 10.24 at 133 MPH. Later they bested that run and reached their goal of a single digit quarter mile with a 9.79 at 144 MPH. The RDP Challenger also had a record for most powerful late-modern Hemi.

To push the 2010 SRT8 Challenger to these extremes RDP had to do some custom work on it. Here’s some of the specs:

  • Twin RDP Harrop HTV2300 Supercharger System (Roots Type using Eaton TVS internals)
  • Arrington 440 Hemi Stroker motor with a custom RDP camshaft
  • Factory transmission with a RDP transmission control module
  • RDP 4000 RPM street/strip torque convert
  • Quaife rear end with RDP 1200+ RWHP 1/2 shafts
  • Big Daddy chromoly half roll cage
  • Kooks Long tube headers
  • RDP Custom race exhaust system with RDP mufflers
  • Nitrous Express with custom RDP nitrous plates
  • Street trim

Since then RDP has released an updated version of the Challenger running twin turbos on a 426 SRT8 that is reportedly pushing out 1,300 RWHP.

Here’s some great videos of the RDP Challenger:



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