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Company Active From: 1958 to now (as of May 1, 2017)
Company Type: Kit Builder, Engineering / Designer

About: Cosworth began in 1958 when Mike Costin and Keith Duckworth started an independent engine manufacturing company. Cosworth gained notoriety in the late 60’s with their DFV engine. Built for Ford’s Formula One car the engine won it’s first race in 1967. The Cosworth DFV engine wracked up 155 race wins over a span of 15 years and cemented the company in the history books. Their engine designs have continued on to other motorsports including CART/Indy and World Touring Car Championship. In 1987 the company began to branch out with an electronics division. In 1998 they were sold to Ford and further expansion ensued. In 2004 Cosworth sold again this time to Jerry Forsythe and Kevin Kalkhoven who started an even more aggressive diversification processes. In the early 70’s Cosworth installed a Lysholm supercharger in a Brabham BT28 Formula 3 chasis which went on to compete in the British Hill Climb Championship. Through the late 70’s to 90’s they concentrated on using Turbochargers. At time of writing Cosworth is offering superchargers and kits for the FA20 platform. The supercharger is based on the Eaton TVS compressor.


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