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Legal Name: Weiand Automotive Industries Inc
Company Active From: 1930's to now (as of May 8, 2017)
Offering Superchargers From: 1957 to now (as of May 8, 2017)
Company Type: Manufacturer, Kit Builder, Retailer


Weiand was founded as a performance parts warehouse by Phil Weiand in the mid 1930’s. Weiand’s first branded product, the “High Weiand” manifold, came out in 1937 and was the first aluminum intake to market. In 1949 Weiand introduced the “Tri-power” and 2×4 (four 2-barrels) manifolds. It wasn’t until 1957 that Weiand developed complete blower drives for the GMC 6-71 supercharger. In 1998 Weiand was purchased by Holley followed by B&M’m automotive and marine supercharger division in 1999 which was rolled in to Weiand.


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7482P Weiand Supercharger Kit Sale

Note: This is an older article and kept for reference. As of March 20, 2017 it is currently unavailable. Price on June 3, 2015, was $4,093.19 USD. While checking out Amazon we came across an interesting sale on the 7482P Weiand Supercharger Kit. This is the classic 6-71 blower which is designed to generate 50+ […]

Weiand Supercharger Kits and Performance Parts

Weiand Automotive Industries, Inc. assured their place in automotive performance history when in 1937 they developed and manufactured the first aluminum intake manifold available to the mass market. Founded by Phil Weiand in the mid 1930’s the company began in California as Weiand Power & Racing Equipment which was a performance parts warehouse. Their first […]


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  • Award: Phil Weiand Inducted into Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame

    Achieved: 2006

    Phil Weiand was inducted in 2006 into the Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame alongside 14 others this year. Phil drove his own car, a 32′ Ford Roadster, in the 1933 season at Muroc Dry Lake Racing Association events. His first run was in May where he posted a speed of 91.80 miles per hour. […]

  • Award: Phil Weiand Inducted into Drag Racing Hall of Fame

    Achieved: 1992

    Phil Weiand was inducted into The International Drag Racing Hall of Fame along with 19 others.

  • Award: Phil Weiand Inducted into SEMA Hall of Fame

    Achieved: 1975

    Phil Weiand of Weiand Power & Racing was inducted into the 1975 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Hall of Fame. He was the only inductee for this year.


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Weiand 6-71

Weiand classic 6-71 roots type blower uses a two lobe helical rotor.

Weiand 8-71

Weiand classic 8-71 roots type blower with a two lobe helical rotor.


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