Supercharger: 8V-71

The GMC 8V-71 roots blower was developed for commercial GMC Detroit V8 diesel’s like the 8-71 was for inline’s. The 8V-71 supercharger is designed with two 3 lobe rotors that have a 30 degree helix. Originally for commercial diesel applications they were later modified and then rebuilt, redeveloped and copied for strip, marine and street use.


Company: GMC
Type: Roots
In GMC Series: 71
Series 71 Units Include: 8V-71, 6V-71, 4-71, 3-71, 2-71, 8-71, 6-71
Usage: Street
Availability: Discontinued
Drive Type: Belt
Displacement: 448 c.i.d. / rev. Approx.
Self Contained: No
Rotor Length: 15.9 inches
Center Case Height: 7.5 inches


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