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Born: Oct 28, 1824
Died: Oct 25, 1889

About: Francis and Philander Roots were inventors and founders of the Roots blower Company. They are the designers of the rotary lobe pump (Roots style) which was the inspiration for the iconic Roots Blower still in use today. Their blower supposedly started as a more efficient water pump with wooden lobe impellers. When warping occurred the brothers troubleshot the pump on land. When spinning the shaft one of the brothers hats was blown off. A superintendent of an iron foundry noticed it and suggested the design could be used to help melt iron. Hence the Roots blower came about.


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  • Achievement: Patented the Roots Blower

    Achieved: 1860

    Roots brothers Philander and Francis patented their Roots Blower in 1860. This rotary lobe pump will be the inspiration for what will become one of the most iconic power adders in the history of the car.


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