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Famous Supercharged Vehicles

Supercharger Kits will be rolling out a new column on famous supercharged vehicles. We will highlight well known and historic cars, trucks, bikes and possibly boats and planes that have become famous from movies, racing or because they are just downright awesome.

It won’t matter if the vehicle was supercharged with a bolt on kit or a full on custom installation. If the vehicle is noteworthy then we’ll cover it.

Be sure to check back very soon as the first article will be out in no time and it could be about your supercharged dream car, the first dragster you watched race in person, an awesome ride you saw in a movie or something totally off the map for you.

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Supercharger Kits Website Update is now under new management.

As expected with new ownership comes new plans. The focus for is to provide quality information and resources for current supercharger owners, those who are looking to buy one or anyone wanting to better understand what a supercharger is about. Outside of the main focus it is very likely there will be some further content and resources relating to other performance enhancements for your cars, trucks and possibly bikes and boats.

Over the next short while there will be some cleaning out of the old content that has little to no value. After that a follow up of fresh and hopefully good information.

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