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Legal Name: Shorrock Superchargers LTD
Company Active From: 1934 to 1966
Offering Superchargers From: 1934 to 1966
Company Type: Manufacturer

About: Formed by Chris Shorrock in 1934 as Centric Superchargers Ltd. It wasn’t until 1946 that the company name was changed to Shorrock Superchargers with incorporation (No. 436906) in June of 1947. In 1950 the company changed hands to Harry Ferguson (Holdings) Ltd. then in September of 1954 by the Rubery Owen & Co. Ltd who purchased the issued share capitol. The company continued operations into 1966. Shorrock vane type superchargers were used on street and racing cars, agricultural vehicles, rail cars and other commercial vehicles.


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Shorrock C75B vane type superchargers first models included a 01 on the production serial number plate. Updated models plates are listed as C75B 02. Dimension for the C75B: Casing length 7″, diameter 7″, weight 21 lbs. There was a variety of casings available to suit different needs.


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