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Legal Name: Vortech Engineering Inc.
Company Active From: 1990 to now (as of July 31, 2018)
Offering Superchargers From: 1990 to now (as of July 31, 2018)
Company Type: Manufacturer, Kit Builder

About: Vortech was founded in 1997 by ex-Paxton engineer Jim Middlebrook who had a design for a new internal gear-driven compressor. Focusing on centrifugal pumps and popular Ford platforms Vortech quickly made a name for themselves with their complete supercharging systems. Steady expansion saw their product lines increasing while branching out to other markets including motorsport, industrial, aeronautics and marine. Ten years after inception Vortech purchased Paxton Superchargers.


Vortech Articles

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Superchargers at the 2010 SEMA Show

The 2010 SEMA Show is going to showcase several supercharged vehicles and new supercharger kits. Held in Las Vegas the industry insiders show starts on November 2nd and runs to the 5th. Following is an idea of some of the great things we have to look forward to. It’s Mustang Madness this year with the … Read more

Vortech 20th Anniversary Supercharger Kits

To celebrate 20 years of business Vortech will be offering limited quantity special “Anniversary Edition” supercharger kits. The kits will be offered for the 2005 to 2008 4.6L Mustang GT with the added bonus of including the 5.0L 2011 Mustang GT. The supercharger systems include a numbered serial tag self-lubricated V-3 Si-Trim centrifugal supercharger with … Read more

2000 Ford Crown Victoria LX Superchargers

Supercharger Kits Reader Mail   Question: I have a 2000 Crown Victoria LX am I’m looking for a Supercharger set for it. Right now, I have not found anything and have no luck. If you have any information, please send it. Answer: The stock 4.6L V8 in the 2000 Crown Vic is a 2-valve SOHC … Read more

Vortech Superchargers and Performance Parts

Vortech Engineering, LLC provides supercharger kits and performance products for a large variety of import and domestic cars and trucks as well as marine engines. Recently they have expanded into aeronautics with FAA Approval for a supercharger system for an aircraft engine. Vortech is an American company that was established in California, 1990. Vortech is … Read more


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V-1 H/D SCi

The Vortech V-1 H/D (heavy duty) SCi race ready superchargers are available with a curved or straight discharge. Developed for heavy duty use this line of blowers should be used with cog belt drives and they do not come with a warranty. The V-1 series are designed with straight cut gears which are noticeably louder … Read more

V-1 H/D Si

The Vortech V-1 H/D Si utilizes the heavy duty gearcase with options for straight and curved discharge, clockwise and counterclockwise rotations with satin and polished finishes. The V-1 has straight cut gears which means they are louder than the helical gears in the V-2 series and requires an external oil supply. The heavy duty (H/D) … Read more


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