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Legal Name: Powerdyne Automotive Products, Inc.
Company Active From: Unknown to Around 2007
Company Type: Manufacturer, Kit Builder

About: Powerdyne was a California based manufacturer with a patent filed in 2003 by Floyd James Wheeler, Jr. and Floyd James Wheeler, III for a centrifugal supercharger with an internal belt drive. Initially offering low cost centrifugal blowers there were numerous reports of Powerdyne supercharger failures, specifically problems with the belts breaking along with other internal part failures. Additionally there are many customer complaints of poor support by the company. Powerdyne closed shop somewhere around 2007 and their design patent was reportedly purchased by O2 Force. Powerdyne compressors were sold under several names including O2 Force, Cool Charger, B&M, Dinan, Ford Motorsport. There are still several units around today. For repairs and parts check out 928 Motorsports. Their rebuilds and parts have had great reviews.


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Powerdyne’s BD-11A was marketed as having their “Internal SilentDrive Belt Drive System”. They did end up being quiet but the stock belt system, and bearings, were weak points specially when over spinning them. BD-11A was bult to be more durable than the BD-10 and BD-11 models with an upgrade in quality of the belt and … Read more


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