Supercharger Type: Centrifugal Turbo

The centrifugal turbo, also known as a radial compressor, is the most common turbocharger found on automotive applications. When most people discuss turbo’s it’s generally the centrifugal / radial flow design. The name indicates how the gases (air) flows through the unit as the impeller rotates the air is spun outwards which is known as a “centrifugal force”. The design (looks and internal workings) is like the centrifugal supercharger. When classifying turbos the common idea is that a turbo will run (spun) off the exhaust gases whereas a supercharger will be driven mechanically.

Rendering of a Turbocharger
Turbo Cutaway rendering by Zeljko Fabijanic

Also Known As: Turbocharger, Turbo, Turbosupercharger, Radial Compressor, Radial Flow
Displacement Type: Dynamic Displacement
Compression Type: Internal Compression
Year Designed: 1905
Designed By: Alfred Büchi


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