Supercharger Type: Scroll

The scroll compressor is not as common on automotive applications as the three big supercharger types: Roots, Twin Screw and Centrifugal. The scroll is a positive displacement compressor that is designed with interleaving scrolls, or spirals, inside a housing. One scroll is fixed and attached to the housing with another attached to the drive that orbits the fixed spiral. Air is drawn into the unit at the largest part of the spiral and then moves along towards the center and smaller space which increasingly compresses the air before discharge. Scroll blowers are said to be able to operate with less vibration, heat, noise and with more efficiency due to the design and single moving spiral.

Handtmann HSL Scroll Type Supercharger
Internals of a Handtmann HSL Scroll Type Supercharger

Also Known As: G-Lader, Spiral
Displacement Type: Positive Displacement
Compression Type: Internal Compression
Year Designed: 1905
Designed By: Léon Creux, Volkswagen (G-Lader)


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