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Drawing power from the engine the Twin Screw compressor acts a bit like the Roots blower by pulling air through the intake using counter rotating meshing lobed spinning rotors. The air is trapped between the lobes and pushed out to discharge to the engine. Unlike the Roots design, the Twin Screw implements a conically tapered rotor that compresses the air before discharging. The screw compressor is also a positive displacement (fixed amount of air in each cycle) supercharger like the Roots system.

Cutaway of a Whipple Twin-Screw Supercharger
Cutaway of a Whipple Twin-Screw Supercharger

Also Known As: Lysholm, Rotary Screw, Twin Screw
Displacement Type: Positive Displacement
Compression Type: Internal Compression
Year Designed: 1878
Designed By: Heinrich Krigar (Screw Compressor), Alf Lysholm (1935)


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    The Kenne Bell KB2.6 is a screw type supercharger that will produce up to 950 HP and 25 PSI. Displacing 2.6L the design is touted to provide a big increase in hp and torque through the whole RPM range – regardless of engine RPM. Kenne Belle advertises that pullys can be changed in 4 minutes. … Read more



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