Supercharger: 4-53 Short Bore

The GMC 4-53 Short Bore roots blower was built by GMC for their Detroit 53 series diesel inline engines. The 4-53 Short Bore has a 7.5 inch rotor length, 2 lobes and runs at higher RPMs than the 71 series. Due to the lobe design this model runs louder than the similar model in the 71 series. There is a Long Bore version of the 4-53 with an 8.7 inch rotor.


Company: GMC
Type: Roots
In GMC Series: 53
Usage: Street
Availability: Discontinued
Drive Type: Belt
Displacement: 120 c.i.d. / rev. Approx.
Max Continuous Speed (RPM): ~2,500 - 2,800 (unverified)
Self Contained: No
Rotor Length: 7.5 inches
Center Case Height: 5.75 inches


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