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GMC 53 series roots type superchargers were built by Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC) for the same named 53 Series inline and V type engines. GMC superchargers were introduced in 1957 the same year they came out with the V-style engine. As with the 71 Series naming convention, 53 refers to the displacement per cylinder in cubic inches. Much of the 53 Series engines components and parts were interchangeable with the 71 series. The superchargers were a similar design with the 53 Series case being a bit smaller in diameter and having a rib running along it horizontally. Internally the 53’s have 2 lobe, straight cast hollow rotors and use bushings whereas the 71 Series rotors are 3 lobe, helical cut and use ball bearings. Due to the straight cut lobes the 53’s are noticeably louder. Detroit’s 53 Series blowers did not garner the interest of hot rodders and racers as seen on the 71’s but later B&M and Weiand would both offer street blowers that were very similar to the 4-53 model.
  • 8V-53 (Roots) by GMC
  • 6V-53 Long Bore (Roots) by GMC
  • 6V-53 Short Bore (Roots) by GMC
  • 4-53 Long Bore (Roots) by GMC
  • 4-53 Short Bore (Roots) by GMC
  • 3-53 (Roots) by GMC
  • 2-53 (Roots) by GMC