Vic Edelbrock Sr.

Vic Edelbrock Sr. Headshot
Vic Edelbrock Sr. Founder of Edelbrock Corporation

Born: Aug 16, 1913
Died: Nov 11, 1962

About: Born 1913 in Kansas, Otis Victor Edelbrock, Sr or Vic worked as a mechanic and progressed to a businesses owner when he and his brother-in-law started a service station in 1934. It wasn’t until 1938 that Vic started making some serious impact in the world of performance automobiles. He picked up a 1932 Ford Roadster hot rod as a project car which led to the founding of Edelbrock, LLC that same year. The first product by Edelbrock was the Slingshot manifold which allowed him to mount twin Stromberg 97 carbs on the flathead Ford. He was able to propel the ’32 Ford to 121.42 MPH at Bonneville Salt Flats with his manifold design. It wasn’t until many years later that Edelbrock starting offering forced induction systems. Vic himself wasn’t a key player in forced induction but his contributions to the performance industry are undeniable.


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