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Rotrex A/S Logo

Legal Name: Rotrex A/S
Company Active From: 2000 to now (as of March 20, 2017)
Company Type: Manufacturer, Kit Builder


Rotrex’s centrifugal superchargers use their patented traction drive technology to offer very high speed compressors with compact designs. Their products include traditional driven chargers, electrically assisted units and “E-Chargers” for driving electric motors.


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The Rotrex C15-16 supercharger, like it’s smaller siblings in the C8 Line, is a centrifugal compressor that’s designed to be extremely compact for small engine applications or mounting in places with limited space. The C15-16’s power range is between 82 to 170hp and is best suited for engines up to 1.4L.


The Rotrex C15-20 supercharger is one of three models in the C15 line. The power range of the C15-20 is between 68 to 163hp and is best suited for engines up to 1.3L. The C15-16 ranges from 82 to 170hp and is best suited for engines up to 1.4L whereas the C15-60 ranges from 122 […]


The C8-6 Rotrex Supercharger is currently the smallest (most compact) centrifugal supercharger available. The C8-6’s power range is from 27 to 55 hp and is ideal for small engines including motorcycle and motorsports applications.


The C8-8 Rotrex Supercharger, like the C8-6, are currently the most compact centrifugal compressors on the market. The C8-8’s output is between 41 to 75hp. Applications include downsized engines, powersports, motorcycles and other equipment or vehicles with small engines. Their C series includes other models for larger applications.


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