Supercharger: C15-16

The Rotrex C15-16 supercharger, like it’s smaller siblings in the C8 Line, is a centrifugal compressor that’s designed to be extremely compact for small engine applications or mounting in places with limited space. The C15-16’s power range is between 82 to 170hp and is best suited for engines up to 1.4L.


Company: Rotrex
Usage: Street, Motorcycle, Powersport, Marine, Other
Availability: Available (as of Apr 8, 2017)
Drive Type: Belt
Max Peak Speed (RPM): 201,500
Max Flow (RPM): 0.15 kg/s
Max Power (HP): 170
Adiabatic Efficiency (AE) % (Overall Efficiency): 70
Self Contained: Yes
Inlet Outside Diamater (OD): 60mm
Discharge Outside Diameter (OD): 45mm
Max Pressure Ratio: 2.43
Drive Ratio: 1 : 12.67
Rotation Direction: Clockwise (seen from pulley side)
Pullies: 7 rib aluminum or 8 rib steel - PK profile
Pulley Diameters Available: 70, 75, 80, 85, 90mm
Unit Weight: 6.4 lbs / 2.9 Kg
Peak Input Shaft Speed: 15,900 RPM
Max Drive Efficiency: 95%
Power Range: 82 - 170 hp / 60 - 125 kW


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