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Company Active From: 1974 to Unknown
Company Type: Manufacturer, Service Provider, Engineering / Designer

About: Founded in 1974 by racing scene legend Gene Mooneyham who had been working on and building superchargers since 1951. The focus was on roots type racing superchargers and some performance parts for automotive and marine applications. In the drag and performance world, Mooneyham blowers are renown for their quality and performance. The business website seems to have dropped sometime in 2012 but sporadic reports indicate they were still operating up until a few years ago.


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  • Award: Gene Mooneyham Inducted into Drag Racing Hall of Fame

    Achieved: 2001

    Gene Mooneyham was inducted, along with 13 others, into the 2001 class of The International Drag Racing Hall of Fame. Gene’s numerous contributions to drag racing and fellow drivers include, but are not limited to: his driving career, teams he owned and worked with, his superchargers and car design (The Mooneyham, Jackson and Faust car … Read more


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