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Fiat Grande Punto 120 T-Jet Supercharger Kit

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I have a new Fiat Grande Punto 120 t-jet, now its already got a turbo and i would like to know if you, have, or know where i can get a supercharger for this, or if there even is one?



There is a company in the UK called JCR Racing who has produced a Fiat Grande Punto Supercharger Kit.  I’m not sure of the current status of the project but it should be worth it for you to check with them.

Update: As of 2019 their site ( is now defunct. They had fit a Fiat 500 Grande Punto Panda 1.4 16v with their Stage 1 – 155bhp Supercharger Kit. A few years back the kit was being offered at 2,800 pounds but wasn’t available in North America.

If I can find another supercharger or kit I’ll update the details here.

Here’s a video that shows the JCR Racing Fiat Grande Punto Supercharger Kit in action:

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