Supercharger: TVS R1900

Eaton’s TVS® R-Series has a couple new design features that makes it unique. One, is the 4 lobes which deviate from the standard 3 lobes. Two, is the design of the rotors. They have a 160 degree twist instead of the previous 60 degrees. The design increases the supply of air and keeps the air in the unit longer which simply put means more air at time of combustion. Eaton estimates this design improves efficiency by 12%. 1900 refers to the amount of volume of air (in cubic centimeters) the blower pumps per revolution. Note: The TVS R2650 rotors are 170 degrees, which differs from the other R series models.


Company: Eaton
Type: Roots
In Eaton Series: TVS
Series TVS Units Include: TVS R2650, TVS R2300, TVS R1320, TVS R1900
Usage: Street, Strip, Race, Light Race, Marine
Availability: Available (as of Mar 30, 2017)
Displacement: 1.90 L/REV
Max Peak Speed (RPM): 24,000
Thermal Efficiency %: 70+
Min. Recommended Displacement Application: 3.6L
Max. Recommended Displacement Application: 6.6L
Pressure Ratio: 2.4

Model / Trim / Options & Price

  • TVS R1900. Price: N/A - Eaton does not sell individual units. See licensed company prices (EG: Magnuson, Harrop, Edelbrock, Roush, OEM's).


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