Supercharger: TVS R1320

The TVS R1320 is one of Eaton’s TVS® R-Series sixth generation design. The 1320 designation refers to the volume of air in cubic centimeters per revolution the blower pumps. Eaton’s TVS R-Series design has 4 lobes instead of the traditional 3 and the rotors have a 160 degree twist which previously was only 60 degrees. This highly efficient roots design is used in several aftermarket kits and by several OEM manufacturers. Note: The TVS R2650 has a rotor twist of 170 degrees so not all R series have the same twist.


Company: Eaton
Type: Roots
In Eaton Series: TVS
Series TVS Units Include: TVS R2650, TVS R2300, TVS R1320, TVS R1900
Usage: Street, Strip, Race, Light Race, Marine
Availability: Available (as of Apr 15, 2017)
Displacement: 1.32 L/REV
Thermal Efficiency %: 70+
Parasitic Loss (MAX): 20 hp (aprox)
Pressure Ratio: 2.4
Minimum Recommended Displacement: 2.2L
Maximum Recommended Displacement: 4.2L

Model / Trim / Options & Price

  • TVS R1320. Price: N/A - Eaton does not sell individual units, see licensed company prices (EG: Magnuson, Harrop, Edelbrock, Roush, OEM's).


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